Saturday, 4 April 2009

Finally, the mighty Apple Iphone 3G

The response to O2 UK's reduction in the sale of their Apple Iphone 3G has been luckwarm. Ever since O2 UK have announced that they will reduce the cost of the handset (particularly the 16GB version of their Iphone 3G), I saw a mixed response from customers.

Customers in London tend to flock to their local O2 store to sign on a 24 months contract (£35 a month) and they only need to pay £57.74 for the handset instead of paying over £57.74 for the handset and then pay a monthly line rental of £45 a month for 18 months. Hum, I think if you are prepared to be a loyal customer, the 24 months deal is a cheaper option. Moreover, O2 is such a wonderful company, unlike 3 UK. Stick with O2 and you will be alright.

Yes, I have jumped ship. I am concentrating more on Apple Iphone 3G now. I hope that people will share my joy in being apart of Apple.

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