Monday, 6 April 2009

School Children

Sometimes, I feel that parents are part of the problem when it comes to disciplinaring their chilren. Now days we see a different trend as in parents will do their best to help their children by not really giving them the proper training as their children should be having. This is pretty sad because as we are moving away from a caring society, the beaviour of our school children is degrading as the day goes by.

In a recent report in the UK, it was shown that teachers have to deal with children's bad behaviour and also threats from children's parents particularly when their child did not get good grades from school or got disciplined. What is going on over here? Can't they ever see the point? Look at their children for instance. Parents should take responsibilities in ensuring that their children are in good hands and in good behaviour.

I always believe that a child is a mirror of their parents. Parents do need to teach their parents and not always relying on teachers to shape their children's behaviour! Step back and think for a moment. A child needs to be properly taken cared of by their parents. Never put a blame on a teacher if the fault lies on the child because it will cause problems. I don't see the point where parents have to argue with teachers over their children's score in their examination! Aren't we trying to encourage children to be able to speak and write properly? A dent on the mark will ensure that the child will work harder next time to get better grades, right? What is going on then?


GP said...

Well, this is what happens when the working class gets into the Rat Race!

ぜるもう said...

Indeed. However, I still feel that everyone plays a part in solving the issue.