Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Integrated Graphics

I have never liked integrated graphics in a desktop or in a laptop otherwise. I do have a reason for it - The lack of speed. This is pretty important because I don't want to wait more than five seconds for my laptop or for my desktop to open a window or jerky while I am playing a game. That is where integrated garphics lack - The raw power.

I have never bought a motherboard with an integrated graphics before. I have made up my decision after playing on my friend's computer. He was using a cheap motherboard with Intel integrated graphics card and guess what? I had to wait longer than I should to start an application which could have been done 30 seconds ago!

When people say that integrated graphics are taking over from discrete graphics, it does not mean that more people are buying desktops with integrated graphics. I think the report must have missed out on the question of why integrated graphics is so readily accepted in the society. Right now, we are in the middle of a financial crisis. Any savings will be welcomed. Well, integrated graphics is a cheoper alternative to a discrete graphics so many people will go after it.

If you google, you will find that most of the discrete graphics were stationed in a netbook. All netbooks come with an integrated graphics. Well, if you notied, most of the people now days are going after netbooks so it is not surprising that the sale of integrated graphics have rocketted. It is a trend now to buy a netbook. It comes with a small screen of up to 12" wide with an Intel Atom CPU or VIA and the maximum memory that a netbook can handle will be 2GB. Most of the netbook comes with a maximum memory cap of 1GB.

Well, do you think many people are after integrated graphics? I don't think so. I think most people will agree that more integrated graphics have been sold due to the sale of more netbooks! Do you agree?

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