Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Microsoft in Trouble - Again

Microsoft is in trouble again. This time, it is from Germany. The German anti-competition watchdog has landed a sentence of Euro 9 million fine for price fixing of their Microsoft Office and Student suite 2007 software with an unamed German retailer. This comes as a double blow for Microsoft after their failed appeal to the EU Commission for a record fine of Euro 860 million last year for disobeying the EC Commission's ruling in providing codes to other companies to release third party softwares for the Windows Operating Systems.

This is rather embarrasing for a company like Microsoft because their Windows OS is still doing good but they are also under pressure to do even better after their Vista launched was short-lived. Let's face it. There are many alternative OS in the market. You have Mac and Linux based OS for a start. Now, consumers will be able to download and install certain Linux OS for free. They will receive free upgrades from the distributor's website too. It really cut cost over here. The problem is that we need to ensure the platform (OS) is suitable for consumers to install any applications that they want.

I feel that Microsoft should be more user friendly when selling their products.

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