Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Never fall for 3 UK

Yes, 3 UK is offering £15 for 15GB of data per month and they promised the widest 3G coverage in the country. They may be the cheapest mobile broadband around but please don't fall for it!!! Why? I don't get 3G signals over at my place although it is state on 3's website that I do get 3G coverage and it is very strong indeed. It is rubbish, I say. When I tried to voice out my problem, 3 customer service told me that they can't do anything with it. I have to suck it up to EDGE all the time.

I think Ofcom should be involve in this matter. I mean 3 does not honour their words!!! Oh, I do get a reply such as: ' 3 did not promise 3G coverage at all times'. but they are just talking nonsense. They know that there is something not right but they will keep on saying that there is nothing with their systems. Oh yes, one more thing. They are always 'upgrading' their systems. Well, is this 'upgrading' worth the upgrades? I Don't think so because 3 customer service is always bad anyway. I don't recommend them to anyone except to get a cheap PAYG phone from them just in case one needs to travel to 3's sister network countries like Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong, Ireland and Denmark. Other than that, stay away from 3...

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