Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Second Generation 3G Iphone

Rumours, rumours and rumours. Don't you every like rumours? Well, I don't, really like it but the fact is that rumours will be good IF it comes true. We were told that it is more likel that the next generation of the Apple Iphone will have a front camera (to allow video calls), a rear digital camera at 3.2MP and it will have a better wi-fi chipset to allow faster transmission of data through networks including FM transmission.

I have to say that with the launch of Apple OS 3.0, it will allow customers of the 3G Iphone to use MMS and the function of copy, cut and paste. There will be a whole list of improvements but there is no need of such rumours. What is important is to wait until June 2009 to witness the new generation of the 3G Iphone. I will be waiting...

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