Thursday, 9 April 2009

T-Mobile cutting jobs

Just got the news that T-mobile is going to move their call centre to the Philippines. I have been expecting this news to be announced soon enough. I am saying that the news of cutting call centre jobs in the UK is already happening long time ago even before their announcement not too long ago.

I believe that with outsourcing by companies like 3 UK and now T-mobile to save money, it is inevitable that they have to move their business to places which are cheaper to run. I think it is just very normal. However, we will hit a snag somewhere. Do you know why?

I can give you a clear example. Look at 3 UK. Their call centre is based in India and what is going on over there? Customer services will mainly read from the scripts given to them without even taking note of what the customer has said. I am not trying to bash 3 UK customer services in India but I am here to say that moving call centre from the UK may not be a good idea after all.

Obviously when companies try to move their call centre to other countries, there is a tendency that those customer services might not be able to understand the nature of a customer's call to them. Believe me as I do have lots of experiences with 3 UK call centre which is based in India. I can give you an example - I did call them up three weeks ago regarding the ETA of my phone which was supposed to be repaired and returned to me. Guess what the call centre customer service did? Well, instead of telling me straight to the point of when I will be getting my phone back, she told me of all the times when the relevant departments are open.

Come on, as a customer, I am not interested of when the relevant department is open or not. Just tell me when I am getting my phone back. Is that so hard to ask for? I even went on to ask her why is she giving me the information which is not relevant to me. She could not answer me. Oh boy... I really hope that she has to be properly trained. Oh yes, another thing is that they will always apologies. I am not really interested in apologies. That is not going to work if they only apologies without doing the work, don't you think so?

I really hope that T-mobile UK will rethink about their plans. Well, I don't think that they are going to reconsider their decision, don't they? Look at their customer base. They might get lots of customers in the USA but not in the UK. Their customer base is not really that strong as compared to O2 and Vodafone. Do you know why? Both companies' customer call centre is based in the UK. Well, I have to say that it goes the same to Orange UK but I am concentrating in O2 and Vodafone.


Joe said...

Spot-on, bro! These companies are only too greedy to care about quality of service. They don't actually compromise profits to anywhere near significant. Yet, they insist on making a mockery of their own business to get at the money, and jeopardise local economy for it.

ぜるもう said...

That is really true. I just don't know what are they doing anymore. I feel that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening at greater length than before!