Sunday, 3 May 2009

More O2 network problems

I did some research on the internet and found out that Ofcom was on O2 UK's six when O2 was criticised for being the only mobile provider to missed the target of their own 3G coverage in the country. I am not surprised. Look at the state of O2 UK right now. It is not that pretty though. I have always thought that O2 and Vodafone are both front runner while the rest of the mobile providers are chasing after those two. Moreover, both O2 and Vodafone are running on the dualband channel (predominantly GSM 900mhz) so they post serious competition for the other mobile providers in the country. O2's coverage is not that comforting after all.

O2 has been given an ultimatum by Ofcom to ensure that they comply with the 80% 3G coverage of the nation by June 2009. If not, their 3G licence will be shortened. This will be the last thing which O2 wants. I don't understand why O2 is focusing in dealing with more 2G service. I do understand that there is a need to increase the capacity of basic voice and data services including sending and receiving text messages but it is also very important to met Ofcom's target!

As much as O2 would say that they are doing their best to increase their coverage in the country, I can only get one bar or the best two bar of signal in my house. If I were to get out of my house into the open area, I can only get EDGE signals but not 3G signals as promised by their customer service officers. I don't think those people who are working in call centres will understand me because they are not living in my house! They will realise that only O2's signal is the weakest in my area. The strongest sinal was Vodafone. I always have faith in Vodafone and I still have faith in them. Even 3 UK has 3G coverage over at my place but not O2? That is shameful...

There is nothing wrong with the mobile phone which I have been using. I can get full 3G coverage when I insert any 3G sim card into the phone (except O2). I really hope that O2 will increase their coverage as soon as possible because I might jump ship to other mobile providers if they don't buck up (oh hell no because I have just signed a two years contract with O2). I will, however, continue to call their customer service until they solve the existing problems.

I always go through O2 website's forum and many customers are complaining about O2's network problems like not getting good coverage, no 3G coverage in their area although it was stated on O2's website that it is a 3G coverage area. Oh no....Why has O2's coverage gone down hill? Is it because it was bought over by Telefornica and they are not investing money in substantial insfrastructures in O2?

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