Friday, 1 May 2009

O2 network coverage

I have called O2 network service support for an explaination of why there is only one bar or no coverage of my area. I'll tell you what happened. The girl on the other side checked through their map coverage and told me that there is strong 3G signal at my area. I told them that I barely get one bar or no service when I am at home. Then she suggested to go out of the house to check. I told her that I can only get EGDE when I am out of the house but what is the point of going out of the house to make or receive a call? I will NOT be able to receive a call at home!!! What is the purpose of the phone then, right?

I don't care if they rely on their map coverage because it is not 'live' and so it is not the truth! I wish they could come over to my place and have a look then they will understand. They are pretty pathetic though...

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