Monday, 11 May 2009

MP's expenses row

I am quite unhappy over the fact that MPs in the UK are using taxpayer's money to fund their second homes when they have already have a few houses across the United Kingdom. That is a waste of the taxpayer's money, don't you think so? Well, we have seen that even our Prime Minister Gordan Brown was not spared from the issue. A few days ago, we have learned about how the Conservative leader claimed his 'expenses' which were deemed too much for the taxpayers to pay. Oh, the best thing was Gordan Brown paying his brother for cleaning his house!!! How much was it? Let me see...for a good few thousand pounds, perhaps?

I really don't understand them. MPs are elected by the people and so why are they not doing their job in the best interest of the people?

Update: 15/05/2009: Now more and more MPs are getting the scolding from the public for misusing their MP's privilege to claim expenses from the taxpayer. I am now hoping that they will pay back the money so that the government will have more money to spend on its people!!!

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