Thursday, 14 May 2009


I have been doing some research lately and I am thinking of getting a netbook. Before I proceed, it is vital to know something about netbooks.

Well, Intel came out with their N series (single core) and Z series (single core with hyperthreading) cpus. As you all would have known, the N270 cpu is the most popular among manufacturers. However, since Z series cpus are more expensive. Only a handful of OEM laptop manufacturers use them. One of them is Dell. If you look at their Dell mini 12, you would noticed that there is availability of two types of cpus, the Z520 and Z530. There is only one small difference in the both of them - the frequency. The Z520 supports 1333mhz while the more powerful Z530 supports 1600mhz. Both cpus are on 533mhz FSB. Both chips supports VT and Hyperthreading.The N270 and N280 cpus support hyperthreading too but they are for sub-notebooks.

Personally, I would think that I will go for VIA Nano cpus. I know that it is different but I will go for it because it is so flexible! It supports 64 bit computing while the sub-notebooks cpus by Intel does not support 64 bit and the cache size is half of it, not mentioning the FSB at 533mhz while the VIA Nan is rated at 800mhz!!!

If I want to buy a netbook, it will be the black Samsung NC20. Perfect at 12.1" at 1.3kgs. Too bad as it does not have an optical drive...Well, it will not be a netbook anymore, right?

Update: 15/05/2009: Oh yes, Lenovo is going to release their upcoming Ideapad S20 which features Intel Atom N280 with a 12.1" screen. That will be a good choice. What about Asus then? They are going to release the Eee Pc 1004DN which is basically a netbook with an internal optical drive!!! How cool is that?

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