Thursday, 7 May 2009

Vodafone UK is EXPENSIVE!!!

May 2009 is a brand new month and it deserve a brand new perspective. What's new at the moment? Yes, Vodafone UK. Check out their new price plan!!! Until April 2009, customer are allowed to take up a price plan of £15 for unlimited text messages. Right now, don't even think about it!!! Prices have increased tremendously!!!

I was looking at the new price plan today and guess what? Vodafone is just getting too expensive to use now. I do understand that Vodafone is now offering Asda mobile as MNVO but Vodafone can't just increase their tariff for new customers!!! A good example will be the new £20 tariff for the best in text price plan. Last time, you are given 200 minutes of free calls with unlimited text messages. Check it out right now!!! A new customer will only be able to send 150 text messages with 50 minutes of crossed network calls!!! That is absolutely outrageous...

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