Monday, 27 July 2009

Iphone 3GS Security Risk

If you are thinking that your new Iphone 3GS has protection over your documents, think again. According to this webpage, the encryption is as good as to provide zero protection.

I have been researching into the possibility of hacking into the Iphone 3GS and the result is worrying. For those people who are using it as a tool to provide protection over their files will have to take note. The Iphone 3GS does provide users with a simple protection but other than that, it is as good as your normal phone. I don't see why governmental organisations are using the Iphone 3GS as a tool in thinking that it is very safe to use.

I have read reports stating that the earphones on the Iphone across the range (2G,3G and the 3GS) will produce slight electromagnetic shock to customers and the Iphone 3G and 3GS have SAR value of more than 1.33. I don't think it is wise to use them as a tool to receive and to make calls without using a bluetooth headset.

Look at the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for instance. The SAR is less than 0.70! Can't you see the advantage of it? It will not damage your body as much as the Apple Iphone!!! Think about it.


ぜるもう said...

The latest update about the security risk of using the Iphone could not be worst than ever! A report has shown that Iphone users are at risk of getting their Iphones hacked!!! It could be done via a text message! So far, Apple have done nothing to correct the security risk and it has already been reported a month ago! After sales service is very important and I hope that Apple will do something to correct the flaw. Other than that, I have to discourage people from using the Iphone though. I would think that it is much better to be careful in what you do with your mobile phone.

ぜるもう said...

It has been reported that Apple tried to prevend a customer from going to the press about her exploded Ipod. I just could not understand as to how Apple could be selling products which will explode!!! Apple may say that it is a one off situation but I've seen too many times of Ipods exploding and it appeared in the news. It is high time for the FCC to review the safety of Apple's Ipod range to ensure that it is safe for day-to-day use.

ぜるもう said...

At last! This is a long overdue of Apple to patch a security risk in preventing hackers to gain control of an Iphone user. The updated OS 3.0.1 is the first update for the OS 3 and I hope that there will be more to come soon.