Friday, 10 July 2009

Microsoft Office 2010

When I received the news that Microsoft Office XP was made available to the public, I quickly got myself a copy. It was such a nice application as the Office Software was thorough and user friendly. Then came Microsoft Office 2003 which was even better. I thought that Gosh, Microsoft is actually making things easier for users for the very first time! After a few years, I actually got used to Microsoft Office 2003 and stayed with it.

Four years have passed and Microsoft finally released the Microsoft Office 2007. Initially, the idea of using the 2007 version was that it should be much better in the sense that the software should be using less resources and also it should run faster and more user friendly. After using it for a few months, I totally disagree with Microsoft. I don't find Microsoft Office 2007 user friendly at all. No doubt that things have changed and there were more functions compared to the 2003 version but nevertheless, I don't feel as user friendly as the 2003 version. Bad Microsoft...

Since it is the latest version, I was thinking that I should get 'up close and personal' with it so I spent the last two years using it. I have to say that I still don't like Microsoft Office 2007. It does not feel right at all. Well, what's next then? Oh yes, Microsoft is releasing Microsoft Office 2010 very soon. Oh well, I don't want to keep people's hope high. There are much to be seen at this point regarding the Microsoft Office 2010.

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