Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Oh no, it's Microsoft vs EU Commission again!!!

As we all know, Microsoft has been fined up to €1.68 billion by the EU Competition Commissioner and the Court of First Instance upheld Neelie Kroes's decision. Microsoft have no choice but they have to obey such a big fine. It is really tough on Microsoft lately as it appears that they kept on receiving fines after fines from the EU Competition Commissioner.

The latest news is that Microsoft is secretly in talks with the EU Competition Commissioner as to settle the case out of court. I think Microsoft have to bow down to the pressure from the Commissioner for once. This time, I think they will comply to the Commissioner's request. I feel that the victory belongs to the Commissioner as a big firm like Microsoft will only be 'tamed' by them but not by other companies as they do not possess the funds to fight the case. Good luck to Microsoft. For more information, just point your browser here as it is the original source of information.

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ぜるもう said...

The latest news about Intel is that they have been fined by the EU Anti-Competition Commissioner for a record sum. Since then, they have tried to appeal on the ground of a breach of their human rights. Here is the report of such an appeal. Read all about it. Good luck to Intel...