Wednesday, 8 July 2009

National Schools in Malaysia

Guess what? According to this page, Science and Maths will be taught in Bahasa Malaysia (back to the old system) and English literature will be introduced. Isn't it great that the Education Ministry in Malaysia has made a U-turn this time around?

I think it is wise for them to do so because students are so used to the Malaysia language. If the ministry wants teachers to teach Maths and Science in English, it is better for teachers themselves to be well equipped before passing on the knowledge to their students.

On the other hand, I am thinking that perhaps it is best for the ministry to provide sufficient training for teachers so that they will be ready to teach Maths and Science in English. The next question would be why they want to limit the teaching of English to Maths and Science? Why not they start teaching all core subjects in English instead of Bahasa Malaysia? What do you think?

Update: 11/07/2009 - Wow, Zulkifli was really brave to make a statement by saying that being English proficient does not guarantee success. He made this statement by comparing it to the Philippines as they only export maids and nothing else. I think I can counter argue his statement by saying that he is wrong. Philippines is among the front runners of assemblying CPUs in the world. Philippines, similar to Malaysia, produces CPUs for Intel and AMD so he should have used another better example to make a comparison. I have nothing against this man but I think he has made a bad example. Do you know what is the problem? Well, teachers and students are not cut out for English as Malay has been taught in school for so many years! I think the government should first train teachers to be proficient in English before rolling out their plans. They should have pilot projects for a few years and see how it goes. Look at International Schools...Their medium of teaching is in English. Well?

Update: 13/07/2009 - I am so happy that finally someone stood up against Zulkifli's statement where he tried to send out a strong signal to discourage people from using English and comparing the promotion of the use of English would only end up with professional maids, just like in the Philippines. MCA is right to blast Zulkifli because he is such an ignorant person. I do believe that he still living in an undeveloped slump! I will be really ashamed of myself if I were him to say the least. He is so out of touch with the outside world that makes him unfit to represent his fellow countrymen, don't you think so?

Look at a response from a member of The Star Online. He was really sad to see that the Education Ministry reversed their decision. Do you think it is fair?

Updates: 16/07/2009 - A Filipino maid has responded and I think the maid is right. They are well educated but it is just because of the situations in the Philippines that let them to get out of the country to work. What's wrong with that? The current Kulim MP is still thinking of the past. He is not into the 22nd Century as the government is trying to achieve. He is not helping the country but instead, tarnished the government's progress.

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