Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Watch out Apple, here comes Samsung!!!

I am sure that you have heard of the newly launched Apple Iphone 3GS with the 'S' stands for 'Speed'. Specifications of the CPU is pretty impressive - 600mhz ARM Cortex A8 with in build GPU and double the memory and an impressive L2 cache. Couple with the flawless Mac OSX, it is next to perfection.

However, the Iphone 3GS was launched back in July 2009. Now, it is August 2009. Samsung has landed ARM another job to produce a much updated Cortex A8 CPU - 45nm and with the speed of 1Ghz with inbuild GPU, just like the CPU on the Iphone 3GS but nearly double the speed of the Iphone 3GS and more memory too. Couple with the latest touchscreen UI which Samsung is improving on its mobile phone devices as we could see on the Samsung Omnia HD, it will be much better than the Iphone 3GS. Consumers will be able to record and playback true 1080p HD movies without any jerkiness on their mobile phones. Can you imagine that in the future? p>
Well, the 'Hummingbird', as what they called the CPU, will be a star of the decade. We have seen the launched of Toshiba's TG01 - a small PDA/phone with the size of a Nokia E71 but longer, managed to survive critics as to the functionality of the mobile phone. It is a smartphone, no doubt but what is more important is that the CPU is power efficient. It will enable the battery to last longer than before.

I am not surprised if other companies like Samsung will be able to launch new mobile phones incorporating the Cortex A8 CPUs to impress consumers. This will enable them to get more percentage in the already stagnant mobile phone pie. I really hope that Nokia will be able to release some good mobile phones with the ARM Cortex A8 CPU. It will be interesting to see the selling price of such phones. In fact, ARM is doing good. Bravo!!!

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