Friday, 10 July 2009

Pre-order Windows 7

I am just waiting for July 15 to pre-order my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium E (without Internet Explorer 8). Do you know why? This is because with the pre-order, I am going to save up to 50% of the retail price! Don't you think that it is great? I do think so though. That is why I am going for the 64 bit Windows 7 Home Edition E. I do understand that I could go for the Windows 7 Professional or the Ultimate Edition but I think the Windows 7 Home Premium Edition E will be just fine.

I have been using Windows 7 RC (build 7000) for a few months and I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the performance. I think £49.99 is a good price to pay for a decent OS rather than my Windows Vista which kept on performing illegal operations whenever I try to use IE 8. That is why I am into Mozilla Firefox. Oh well, we'll see about it. I am sure that many people will be waiting for Windows 7 to appear.


EVA said...

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She reportedly says her brother's assets of more than 1 billion dollars made him a tempting target and that cash and jewelry worth roughly $2 million was taken from his home after his death.

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ぜるもう said...

Wrong forum dude!!! However, neither both of us know the answer to such allegations! I am not sure whether we will ever know of the truth as it is shrouded in secrecy. Whatever it is, I hope that Michael will rest in peace.