Wednesday, 16 September 2009

1Malaysia F1 Team

WOw! I am pretty amazed at the fact that Malaysia is going to have our very own F1 team powered by Lotus. Well, is that a surprise to me? Not really. Think about it, we already have our very own Sepang Circuit but we lack a proper F1 racing team. Remember Alex? He was the last Malaysian to drive in the F1 with the Arrows Team. He has sinced retired.

What do you think if he is to returned to the circuit then? I think it will be great. The only problem here is to see how long can the team survived. Look at Honda. They have been sponsering the F1 team for many years but they have pulled out of the competition. Now, it is different because the government is the co-sponser!!! One question remains...Where is the government going to find the money to sponser the F1 team then? If not from the tax-payers, where else? From the minister's own pocket? The country needs more capital injection from the government and certainly F1 is not the top priority for the moment. There are so many companies going bust in Malaysia. How is the government going to help them then?

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