Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Selling on eBay

Ebay has imposed a higher final valuation fee for customers who wants to sell their goods on their website. This is a far cry of 0.1% (final valuation fee) which they used to charge. Right now, they are charging 10% of the final valuation fee and this is not good for people like you and me. Just beware of the cost of selling your goods on Ebay. I can't stop using them because it is the easiest place to sell my stuff. I am just grumbling that the fees are just too much.

Think about it, since ebay is going to charge you 10% on your final selling price, you might have to pay more if you use paypal. Yes, paypal will charge you another 5%. Just think about it if you have sold an item for £10. Ebay will charge you £1 and paypal will charge you another £0.50. Don't forget about posting and packaging though. It would cost you another £1 (maybe). In the end, you would only end up with £7.50 out of the £10 you have sold on the internet. Don't you think that it is just a little bit too much to handle?

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