Sunday, 6 September 2009

Apple Iphone Guys? No, thank you...

Have you heard about many cases of customer's Iphone goes up in smoke? Yes, I am not joking. Apparently, Apple Iphone customers in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium are facing one common problem - their Iphones are going up in flames! Well, Apple is denying that their products especially their Ipods and Iphones have any defects. Contrary, Apple officials are critising their own customers for mishandling their Ipods/Iphones which resulted in their Ipods/Iphones exploded.

From the viewpoint of a potential Apple customer, I can see one thing - Apple is not fulfiling their responsibility as to ensure that their products are safe for usage. They have not conducted any investigations at such to determine the cause of the Apple Ipods/Iphones. If that is the path which Apple is going to pursue, I would think people should not buy Apple's product. Who knows when will their Ipods/Iphones explode in front of them and injure them?

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