Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Apple Iphone on Orange and Vodafone - What's Next?

I have read what Ronan Dunne has said about O2 UK. Being at the helm since 2001, he must be at his wits to revive the O2 brand. No doubt that O2 has gained many customers throughout these two years (with the help of the Apple Iphone) but it is not the end of it. Now, O2 UK is facing another problem - Vodafone and Orange. Both Orange and Vodafone announced their willingness to release the popular Iphone 3G and 3GS. I am in favour of both companies to release the Iphone 3G/S. This is because it will increase competition between the three companies.

Although O2 UK knows that they will lose the exclusive deal with Apple after two years, they could impose a very expensive deal for the Iphone customers for two years. After that, they will have to change their plan which is now. In fact, they are going to release the Palm Pre. Palm Pre is quite similar to the Iphone but it does not have the best of screens, unlike the Iphone. Moreover, the OS on the Palm Pre is not even Symbian either! I just don't know whether it will be a success but we shall see.

There is something which I don't really like on the Iphone 3GS - The RF is still bad!!! Maybe it's because it's been locked to the O2 signal. Vodafone has a better signal coverage than O2 so I am hoping that with the upcoming plan, there will be a price war...Bring it on!!!

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