Monday, 26 October 2009

Apple Iphone Price War? You bet!!!

After looking through this page, it seems that Orange UK is not going to wage an all out price war on O2 UK. I think it is natural that Orange UK has paid Apple a handsome amount of money for the ability to sell the Iphone 3GS. However, it is really hard for Orange UK to offer 'value' to customers. For starters, I don't like Orange UK anyway.

The reason why I don't really like using Orange UK is their price plan. Their price plan is really expensive as compared to other mobile networks in the UK except for 3 UK. I don't feel particularly 'easy' when it comes to Orange UK. However, it is not surprising that Orange UK will get their hands on the Iphone 3GS just in time for Christmas. We know that Orange UK has merged with t-Mobile UK. In time to come, there will be only four main mobile networks in the UK and I don't think that is helping competition.

I believed that consumers are looking for a price war especially on the Iphone 3GS since O2 UK no longer the sole distributor of the Iphone 3GS in two weeks' time. O2 UK is relying on the new Palm Pre as an alternative to the Iphone 3GS but believe me guys, it is not worth it. I have used the Palm Pre for a few days and I don't feel comfortable in using it. There is a significant menu lag, mainly due to the Palm OS which is not matured. I have nothing against Palm because I have used Palm before but this is not acceptable. Based on an ARM Cortex A8 cpu which is identical to the Iphone 3GS, there is no reason why the Palm Pre lags behind the Apple Iphone. I feel that someone should improve on their OS.

Until now, the Iphone 3GS is still THE one touchscreen mobile phone to own until now despite the shortcomings like paying for tethering and the Bluetooth which will only support certain headsets. On the whole, the Iphone 3GS is magnificient. I am actually waiting for the Nokia X6 to arrive on UK shores. I don't know when will it arrive but when it does, it will be an Iphone killer. Wait... Did I say it is an Iphone killer? Hum... Arguably yes but the cpu on the Nokia X6 will be based on the ARM 434mhz (not even the 600mhz, just like the Nokia E72). I am seriously in doubt whether the X6 will make a dent on Apple Iphone's device. As of now, I think the Apple Iphone is still an all round superior, thanks to the Mac OSX. However, I have to say that the camera on the Iphone 3GS is not that brilliant! You still can't get video call and it is only 3.15MP with auto focus without a flash! I think Apple is trying to save some juice by not having a flash on the Iphone.

We'll have to see in two weeks time when Orange UK starts to sell the Iphone 3GS. it will be good that O2 UK no longer be the sole distributor of the Iphone 3GS. I am looking at Orange UK providing a factory unlock to their customers. We'll see about it. If they are not prepared to do it, I think it's a waste of time. It's better to wait for Vodafone UK. If Vodafone UK will not unlock the Iphone 3GS, it will mean that it is best to buy the Iphone 3GS through the online retailer like Ecell on ebay. Be prepared to shell out £660 for an unlocked Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB in black.

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