Thursday, 29 October 2009

Windows 7 - The Good

Windows 7 is sweet. There is no doubt about it. However, what does it takes for someone who worshipped Windows XP to be turned to Windows 7? It is not an easy task to do.

From a consumer's point of view, changing is not easy unless you are one of those technological "geek" who is looking out for new technology all the time. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand what Windows 7 has to offer.

I've mentioned about some good things about Windows 7 and I am here to provide you with more information about Windows 7 .

The Good

Windows 7 is pretty decent. You can run Windows XP mode on top of the exisitng OS without problems. This is true provided you have the required hardwares to support it. One good example will be a cpu which supports "Virtualisation". Most of the new Intel Core 2 Duos/ Quads/ Core i7/ Core i5 and AMD's X2/X3/X4 and X4 II will be just fine. Pleae google and check your cpu's specifications before running Windows 7 on Windows XP Mode.

With Windows XP mode on Windows 7, you can run older programmes without a fuss. That is true though. I've come across some of the programmes which could not have run on Windows 7 but it runs perfecly under Windows XP mode. One good example will be Nokia's PC Suite. Nokia's PC Suite does NOT support Windows 7 at this moment so one would have to use Windows XP mode to install and run the programme if Windows 7 is installed. I would recommend Windows 7 Professional because you get the best of both worlds - affordability without breaking your bank account. I don't think you need Windows 7 Ultimate unless you feel that you need it. Most of the time, consumers will not be able to fully utilise all the extra functions on the "Ultimate" version. Trust me, the Windows 7 Professional is sufficient for you "geeks" like me.

Another good point about running on Windows 7 is that it is not as power shungry as Windows Vista. Having compared between Windows 7 and Vista on my laptop, I have to conclude that Windows 7 will use around 25% less resources than Vista running the same applications at the same time.

My third point of the goodness of Windows 7 is that the retail version of the Windows 7 comes with both 32 and 64 bit! You can now choose whether you want to install 32 bit OS or 64 bit OS! I love it as I would always go for the later as I do like 64 bit OS though. Moreover, there is sufficient memory on my laptop and there is no issue about the existing hardware running on 64 bit OS so what not try it then, right?

There are already many discussions about the advantages of using 64 bit OS but it is vital to ensure that one has compatible hardwares, e.g. a cpu chit which supports 64 bit and so on. Good luck!!!

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