Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tony Blair for EU President

I have a flair for Tony Blair. Not just because he is one of Labour's most prominant fighter, he is also one of UK's most afluent speaker. He is a qualified QC and together with his wife, also a QC, they conquer a decade's worth of Labour's most successful time in the British politi world history.

Just look at Tony Blair. He was, perhaps, the most prominant leaders at his time (post 1990s). What I have to say about him is that he is smart and he has guts to take over the conservatives! I am so proud of him. When you are in politics, you are expected of both good and bad news. What is important is that we have to remain calm. Look at him now. He is now in favour of becoming the next EU President! I am really looking forward to his appointment! Ireland has voted and gave the go ahead for the Lisbon Treaty to proceed. What is stopping Tony Blair from being the EU President? Nothing. Not even the Conservatives in the UK. I just don't know why are they trying to stop Tony Blair being the next EU President. Is it because the Conservatives are losing out at this moment in time, taking into account that the election is around the corner? I am quite disappointed with the Liberal Democrates. Look at Leeds!!! There are a bunch of garbage collectors who are not willing to work unless they are being paid correctly! What is going on with the Liberal Democrates? I don't think they have the know-how or the ability to take charge in a government.

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