Sunday, 4 October 2009


I'm never addicted to games. I don't even have a facebook. However, I was introduced to a game called 'farmville' on facebook. In such instance, I need to get an account on facebook before I can play the game. After going through the registration process, it is not really that hard to play.

The game sets upon a time where you are the farmer and you are given a plot of land. What you need to do is actually to plow seeds and build buildings and structures on your land. Apart from that, there are many other activities to increase your chance of climbing up the ladder to a higher level. It takes time and guess what? I'm still NOT addicted to it. The best thing to do if you are very busy with your work is to plow some seeds which will be ready to be harvested on a certain day and time of your wish.

The game reminds me of SIMs and a game on QQ game called 'Farmer'. Have fun guys!

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