Saturday, 24 October 2009

Windows 7 - Virtual PC/ Windows XP Mode

I was really fascinated by the way how Windows 7 is designed. From my previous posts, one would gather that I have successfully installed Windows 7 Professional Edition on my laptop. It took a while for me to fully install the new OS due to some minor complications.

Having said that, it is now my turn to write something about the use of Virtual PC or Windows XP Mode under Windows 7. I am so used to Nokia PC Suite (I'm a big fan of Nokia) in which I depend a lot on the software. I can send and receive text messages without me physically picking up the mobile phone to send and receive text messages. I can also make and receive calls through my laptop using the headset and refrain from using the mobile phone closed to my ears. I think with the latest news about the danger of using mobile phone close to your ears, it is time to put more pressure on Windows 7 to help use out.

Running Windows XP within Windows 7 is possible provided you are using a cpu which is VT enabled. Most of the new cpus will have VT enabled but you ned to check it out from AMD or Intel.

One thing for sure though - Running Windows XP on Windows 7 is pretty good... Try it! This is particularly useful as there are many programmes which are not compatible with Windows 7.

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