Saturday, 24 October 2009

Mobile Phone Risk

It has come to my senses that using a mobile phone for too long will inevitably post a health risk to consumers. Governments over the world have reassured citizens that the use of mobile phone is safe but it is understood that long term use of mobile phone will cause some form of health risk.

I can remember what my mom always advise me not to use my mobile phone for long period of time. I think it all started when she complaint to me that she will get a slight headache if the mobile phone is used close to her ears. I then told her that if that is the case, it will be good if she were to start using speakerphone which is way much better than having the mobile phone closed to her ears.

I do agree with my mom that using a mobile phone closed to your ears for a long period of time will inevitably cause some form of health risk. That is why I have started to cut down on my calls lately and tried to just send more text messages instead. On the average, I would have sent 1000 text messages a month and this is something new to me as I don't used to send many text messages. However, by sending text messages, it is far more cheaper than making a call.

I am quite concerned into the recent study by the World Health Organisation which will conclude that long term use of mobile phone closed to your ears will increase the chance of developing brain cancer.It is worrying but not unexpected. I think what is important is that we stop using mobile phone close to our ears and try to use speakerphone or send text messages instead.

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