Monday, 23 November 2009

Got NO love from 3 UK

I have been "bashing" 3 UK network for the last few months and I will continue to do so. The latest incident left me speechless. Before that, I would like to stress out that I would not "bash" the 3 UK network without any good reasons.

For the record, I have been with 3 UK for a good five years. Although I was on PAYG, I took up the challenge recently to go for a SIM only contract. This will allow me to back off or disconnect the contract by giving 30 days notice after using it for the first 30 days.

My plan was the £10 SIM only option which will allow me to send unlimited text messages to any UK mobile networks, 100 free cross network minutes, free making skype-to-skype calls and also free msn messenger. I did not want give a chance for 3 UK to charge me so I bought a mobile phone from the 3 Store.

The Sony Ericsson G502 came with an old skype version which was 1.0. I was asked whether I would like to update it. Since it was free as the 3 UK customer service officer had told me so, I happily download the updates. It goes the same for the Windows Messenger too.

How unfortunate was I because I got a charge for £1.76 for downloading two "free applications" from planet 3!!! I was telling myself that I would not go through the same ordeal which I have gone through the last time so I made a call to 3 UK Customer Service. They have assured me that I would not get charged for downloading any applications from Planet 3. I will also be informed before I proceed with the download if I were to be charged.

I then told them that a) there was no warning of 3 UK charging me before I download skype or msn messenger; b) I've downloaded the updates when I was on Planet 3 and c) 3 UK is trying to mislead its customers.

Surprise, surprise!!! Someone from 3 UK gave me a call and told me that they have passed on my problems to their supervisors and they are dealing with it. It will take around 48 hours to solve the problem. Oh well, that is not the only problem that I am having.

On a separate incident, I do get dropped calls particularly inside any buildings. It is quite annoying and I was asking 3 UK Customer Service (CS) whether there is any problem with their signals. CS told me that they are upgrading their London network at this moment but I'm NOT in LONDON!!! What's that going to do with London anyway? I live far away from London!!!

In the end, I have received no explaination regarding the dropped calls or 3 UK's internet charges towards my internet usage although they could not identify whether I have made any browsing outside Planet 3 as it is not showing up on their systems. If it is not showing up on their systems, why on earth am I being charged for £1.74 as of now?

Finally, I told them that I had had enough and I want a PAC. Initially, they told me that it will just take two minutes to do it. To be fair, I have received one message stating that I have to click on a link to get to a webpage but I have not received the PAC!!!

I then call them again to clarify the matter. They apologies and told me that they are having some difficulties with their systems. I'm not surprised because they do have problems when it comes to customers asking for their PAC. I don't think they have any problems when issuing mobile phone contracts to customers. I'm not trying to be cynical but the same problem remains - 3 UK needs to upgrade their existing system!!! I think they should just stop telling people how much have they invested in their infrstructure. Solve the existing problems before rolling out new technologies!!!

Well, it has been two days but yet I have not received any PAC from 3 UK. Pity, isn't it?


Joe said...

What abomination! I say, ditch them for a rival telco, that would serve them right up their arse. As bad as it gets in the UK, it still better than KL - where every telco is just about the same as the other.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm going to ditch 3 UK. Unfortunately, I could not get the PAC from them yet due to a system failure (surprise, surprise). Right now, I'm looking forward to Vodafone UK as they do value customers.