Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Unboxing Nokia E72-1

Here it is! The mighty Nokia E72 - Fresh from Vodafone UK! The unit is unlocked to all networks and I'm really glad that Vodafone UK did not bother to lock their phones. After all ,by locking their phones, it will mean that they would be paying other people to unlock it though. Why bother with locking the phone when you can save some money and gain more customers? That is just perfect!

I have to say that the E72 is solid by itself. It does not need two clips to open/close the battery door. It is now accessible through one notch at the bottom of the phone. Since it is running on the SYmbian OS 9.3 FP2, I just could not wait to play with it though.

Stay tuned!!!


Build Quality:
When you are holding the Nokia E72 in your palm, you do feel that there are more grip than the good old E71 although the battery cover is still made out of metal. There is no need of someone to apply force to get the battery door shut anymore.

It comes with a 2.34" screen capable of displaying 16M colours on TFT. Not too bad though.

Full qwerty keyboard with feedback

Audio Quality:
I have tested the unit by playing some mp3 and I have to say that the volume is much louder than the E71, not necessary clearer as both the E71 and E72 produce good audio quality. The next thing which I'm looking for is the audio quality of the stereo headphone which came with it. I have nothing to complain of but only praises to Nokia. However, it only comes with a mono speaker.

OS/Stability Test:
The E72 comes with an upgraded ARM II 600mhz cpu. Thanks to Vodafone, it eats into the E72's resources. However, with a simple stroke of the reset button, you can wipe out all unecessary programmes and restore the phone to its original state. You need to understand that it is important for you to backup all your data before you do this. If you don't, you will lose all your valuable data. The Symbian OS 9.3 with FP2 is superb as compared to the E71 which runs on the FP1. The OS is stable at this moment and no complains so far. There is no OS crashing at this moment.

Function Test:
I have tested its bluetooth, PIM including Office editor which came with it and they are all fine. I have no problem in using its functions. The 5MP digital camera takes good pictures but I am hoping that in future, Nokia will be able to release an updated firmware which will reduce the noise of the lense when taking pictures. You can also take videos with it but it is only capable of taking videos at 15fps. The integrated MP3 playet is splendid! I am enjoying it every moment! This is a plus point for Nokia as it comes with a memory card slot. It supposed to allow up to 16GB of memory stored on the memory card itself. What a good idea, isn't it?

It comes with A-GPS and a digital compass but I have yet to test its A-GPS capabilities. I don't want to use Nokia's Ovi maps as I need to pay for voice activation while driving. It is not my cup of tea when it comes to paying for it.

The E72's radio chip is superb. It supports quadband GSM and triband UTMS. I don't think any mobile phone manufacturers will be able to beat Nokia's radio chip at this moment.

Battery Life:
I have been playing with the E72 for a few hours on Vodafone's 3.5G service and the battery is still showing full bar! I think it is down to the efficient chip and the 1500mAh battery on the E72. No complains so far.

With the E72 running on FP2, I'm really glad to say that I'm enjoying every single bit of it! I had the opportunity to sync with Microsoft Exchange as well as my calenders between the E72 and my pc. It's brilliant! Setting up e-mails on the E72 was a breeze... Kudos to Nokia!

What's in the package:
Nokia E72
Cleaning Cloth
AC-8X charger
Stereo headphone
Instruction Manual
Ovi Map instruction manual
1500mAh BP-4L battery
Battery cover
Data cable

Good battery life; Good feedback full qwerty keyboard; Seemless connectivity and Microsoft Office editer;

Screen is arguably a little small at 2.4" in diameter and it does not have a stereo speaker. Video quality only capable at a maximum of 15fps.

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