Monday, 2 November 2009

Windows 7 - Very Popular

I'd believe what people have commented about the new OS from Microsoft. Yes, I'm talking about Windows 7. Irrespective of whether you are talking about the Starter version, the Professional version or even the Ultimate version, consumers will have one thing to say about the new OS - It's stable and it's worth the money.

I have no doubt about it so far. I've managed to get hold of one copy on the day the OS was launched. The OS is pretty slick and no crashes so far (fingers crossed). The only thing which I need to do is to add more memory since I'm using VT all the time. It is really funny as Windows 7 will only allocate 512MB of memory to run Windows XP on top of Windows 7. I wish that I could allocate more memory to Windows XP but I'm still searching for the answer. 512MB of memory is sufficient to run Windows XP via VT but I'd just like to have more memory generated towards it. If I'm not mistaken, I will be able to allocate more memory to run Windows XP if I were to install more physical memory on my pc.

Right now, I do have 4GB. I do believe that if I were to upgrade my memory from 4GB to 8GB, it will surely increase the chance of the system allocating greater than 512MB when I'm running Windows XP. I will have to take a look at the price of new memory modules in the market right now.

At this moment, there is nothing stopping Microsoft from gaining ground towards their new OS. The Windows 7 is "HOT" and I'm really happy about it. I would hope that Microsoft will continue to improve on the successful Windows 7 to include 512bit encryptionon its IE 8 browser or above.

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