Tuesday, 3 November 2009


An 11 year old girl has given birth to a healthy baby girl. Wow! I could not believe it! The Belgarian Girl, who is a child herself, was "looking forward" to her new toy - her baby girl. I just could not take it lightly as she is just eleven years old!

What on earth is going on with them? What were they thinking when they have decided to have a baby? They are children themselves although it is arguable that her 19 year old husband is mature and he is an adult himself. It is wrong to prey on young people like his 11 year old wife!!!

I'm really sick of it but I could not deny that there are cultures out there who accepts children giving birth and getting married at such a young and tender age. In that case, we will have to respect that culture.

In the mean time, just stay cool girl!!!

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ぜるもう said...

The French government have criticised The Conservaties in the UK for being not realistic. I'm waiting for see for myself if David Cameron can 'reclaim' the powers from the effect of the Lisbon Treaty.