Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lisbon Treaty - Here I Come!!!

It is official!!! The Lisbon Treaty is officially endorsed by all 27 Member States in the European Union! This will put Brussels into the front end by eliminating the Member States' supremacy over certain matters.

I do feel that David Cameron will have a tough time in reconsiling the effect of the Lisbon Treaty towards United Kingdom. I don't think people should blame Gordan Brown for signing away UK's freedom. We should weigh the advantages and the disadvantages and not solely on the disadvantages alone.

Now that the Lisbon Treaty is in force, we will see about the effect of the Treaty itself to all 27 Member States. No one can stop the Lisbon Treaty being enforced, not even The Tories. You can read more about it here.

06/11/2009 - The Tories are not going to seek referendum about the Lisbon Treaty and this caused a wide spread betrayal among the people in the UK.

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