Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Nokia Supporting Dual Sim?

It is about time Nokia start manufacturing mobile phones supporting dual sim. Look at Samsung...They are gaining ground in releasing the popular Samsung D980 and also the D780. I don't understand why would Nokia not release a medium range mobile phone which supports dual sim?

We do understand that mobile phones supporting dual sim have been a popular thing with the Chinese. They like to own touchscreen mobile phones supporting dual sim. That was why Samsung worked with Anycall in China to release good and proper mobile phones supporting dual sim. The problem with that is such mobile phones will be big and bulky.

Here we have Nokia, trying to capture the dual sim mobile phone market from many Chinese mobile phone manufacturer (especially NokLa) and also from Samsung by announcing that they are going to launch new Symbian s40 mobile phones supporting dual sim in 2010. I'm really excited to see such developement coming from Nokia. It shows that Nokia has finally acknowledged the importance of the Chinese market.

They are going to launch the Nokia 6788 specifically for the Chinese market. It is a typical Nokia 6220 but it supports TD-SCDMA for China Mobile in 2010. Right now I need to use two mobile phones because I have two sim cards. I could use a Samsung B5722 but it does not support Skype. Perhaps, with the launch of a proper Nokia based Symbian s40 mobile phone will relief me of the need to carry two mobile phones at the same time.

Well down to Nokia! I will be looking forward to seeing the success of Nokia soon!

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