Tuesday, 29 December 2009

O2 UK Network Failure on the Iphone - Due to Overloading?

If you read this page, you will be laughing. The problem with O2 UK is that they kept on taking in customers but they choose not to solve the existing problem before rolling out new technology! I don't really care of what sort of excuse O2 UK is trying to persuade its customers from not jumping ship to other networks but they are not admitting the fact that they have problems with their Iphones!

Can't they just resolve their existing problems with the Iphone before rolling out new technology? I was told that they are going to roll out their 4G service based on the proven LTE technology. I have lost total confidence in O2 UK. The only thing which I like about O2 UK is that they don't lock their mobile phones. Well, Vodafone UK is taking the same role as they don't lock their post paid mobile phones anymore. Well done Vodafone UK!!!

Thumbs down to you O2 UK!!! Better continue apologizing!!!

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