Saturday, 5 December 2009

O2 UK Signal Coverage

I could not understand why O2 UK is not doing anything to boost their coverage at my area. I was told that there will not be any improvements but they have failed to tell me the reason why.

One word - Pathetic...


Strijklicht said...

Hi Pete,
In UK they might not be debating the strength of cell phone masts as much as in Europe (sleeping dogs and all) But maybe O2 is complying with the norm of radiation as outlined by WHO.
I know in Belgium they are bringing down the radiation from 20volts per meter to 3 volts per meter, under pressure from EU.
Understandably, because people living under these masts literally
have sleepless nights and undefined neuro probs.
Just a thought.

ぜるもう said...

If that is what O2 is going after, I would not mind though because I do not want to have brain tumours! Anyway, it is quite frustrating when you do not have signal especially when you need it the most and all other networks have signals...