Monday, 21 December 2009

Theft of an RMAF Engine

I was really shocked to have read on the news about a theft of a RM50 million turbo-jet engine F-5E Engine from an RMAF base in Sungai Besi. How could a piece of a jet engine get away without any suspicion? I could not believe it. As reported by The Star, the size of the engine is as big as a Proton Saga! Wow, that is pretty large. I'm sure that those people who stole the engine must have used a big container to house the engine. Otherwise, it will be really difficult to move such an engine of that size.

Another thing to point out is that the operation would have involved an insider dealing and we should punish those people who have betrayed the country. The question is whether anyone is going to take this incident seriously as the theft was committed back in 2007 and it is now coming to 2010 and yet no one has been rounded up or being charged for theft. Shocking. Worst of all, the police know that the engine has been sold to an international company in South Africa.

I really hope that the police will act immediately.

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