Thursday, 28 January 2010

Apple Ipad

No doubt that Apple has launched its newest gadget in the market. Yes, you're correct and it is the Apple Ipad. No matter how Steve Jobs described his new toy, it is, erm, an enlarged Ipod. So, what is the big fuss over an oversized Ipod then?

It was mentioned that it uses an upgraded cpu, namely the 1Ghz Apple A4 with either 16GB/32GB/64GB memory onboard. It features a 9.7" screen and you can use it for storing music, videos and surfing the internet. The Apple Ipad could not be a laptop or even a nettop replacement simply because Apple has failed to include any usb connection which comes with it (it's optional). Another problem with the Ipad is that it does not support multitasking! You cannot run more than one application at one time. Don't you think that it sounds familier with the Iphone and the Ipod family? With the sales of the Ipod decreasing, I'm sure that those marketing people at Apple would have to launch a new product to counteract the dwindling sales of the Ipod.

Save some money folks... Stay with your existing Iphone/Macbook. The Ipad is such a waste of money.

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