Sunday, 3 January 2010

Nokia PC Suite Update

If you have problems in connecting your Nokia mobile phones to your laptop/ pc, there is a simple solution to the problem...

Here it goes...

(1) Synchronise and backup your data from the laptop to your mobile phone;

(2) Uninstall existing Nokia PC Suite;

(3) Click start - run - regedit - HKEY_CURRENT_USER - Software - Nokia. The trick here is to delete Nokia;

(4) Click start - run - regedit - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - Software - Nokia. Do the same thing just like the step before this, ie: delete Nokia;

(5) Reboot your laptop/pc;

(6) Point your browser to and then on the search column within the Nokia site, search for "Nokia Connectivity Cable" for your mobile device. Download the latest connectivity cable driver.

(7) Download the latest Nokia PC Suite from the Nokia website too;

(8) Run the Nokia Connectivity Cable which you have downloaded. After installing it, you would have to start installing Nokia PC Suite;

(9)When the Nokia PC Suite asked you to choose a connection method, always choose "cable" first. You would have to ensure that your Nokia mobile phone is not locked before connecting it to your laptop/pc. You will have to choose "PC Suite" on your Nokia mobile phone to continue the installation;

(10) Your installation is complete!

(11) You can now use your cable to connect your Nokia mobile phone to your laptop/pc!

(12) If you want to change the connection type (ie: from Cable to Bluetooth), you would need to open Nokia Communication Centre and look under "Settings" and then click on "Manage connections". Highlight bluetooth and click on the spannar icon on the bottom left. Just follow the prompts to proceed and your Nokia mobile phone will be connected to the PC Suite via bluetooth!

(13) Good luck!

Note: Never download and use Nokia's Ovi Suite (version 2.0 at the time of posting this article) as it is not as stable as Nokia PC Suite (version 7.1.40 at the time of posting this article).

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