Sunday, 3 January 2010

T- Mobile UK

If you are keen in taking up a SIM only contract and you are really fed up with Lebara as they do charge quite a lot in making overseas call, there is a plan which you might be interested. Well, it is called Solo International from T- Mobile UK.

Once you have decided to take up a contract from T - Mobile UK, it is advisable for you to make a call to T- Mobile UK to take up the contract as opposed to get into a T- Mobile shop as calling them on the telephone will see you getting some perks which I am going to discuss it later.

T- Mobile UK seems to be quick in launching some very good SIM only contracts (30 days contract which you could cancel it after giving 30 days of notice). I have seen their Solo International 20 which they are offering it to customers on a £20 a month. With the Solo International 20, you are given 200 minutes to call overseas telephone numbers (better check with T- Mobile UK if a particular country is included in the price plan). Besides that, you are also given 600 minutes to call UK numbers excluding numbers which starts with 0800, 0845,0844, 070 and 090.

You would be able to get unlimited text messages and free internet usage on your mobile (up to 1GB of data per month) if you ask for it. T- Mobile sales team will be quick to offer you two additional sim only contracts for free of charge for the first month. Make sure you don't accept it unless you are pretty sure that you need it. I think T - Mobile UK is desperately in need of having new customers added onto their network.

After you get your sim card from T- Mobile, register your sim card on T-Mobile UK's website so that you will be able to check your usage on the go. I find it very useful because I have realised that the person who sold me the contract actually set my contract on a different price plan!!! Luckily I came to know about it after logging onto my account online after one day of using it!

T-Mobile customer service is pretty good in resolving issues like putting customer's contract on a different price plan and overcharging customers. However, you are to be advised that T-mobile UK customer service is shut during weekends and also during public holidays. In terms of reliability, I do believe that they are third on the bottom list after 3 UK and Orange UK. I have to say that with customer service is concern, Vodafone UK is ranked slightly higher than O2 UK and also Virgin Mobile UK. Tesco Mobile is not bad too but Vodafone UK is the best. They have the intention to prove that they are serious about maintaning their customer satisfactory level at the highest possible rate. I have to salute them for it.

Good luck!

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