Monday, 11 January 2010

Palm Pre

I am not surprised when I read the report about the sales of the ever awaited Iphone killer - the Palm Pre. Sales of the Palm Pre is not great as reported. Well, what can I say about the Palm Pre? The OS itself does not even allow me to bluetooth the device to my laptop which I can happily do so on my Nokia E72. I just could not understand the sheer disappointment which I have to endure as I thought that with the cpu power equivalent to the Iphone 3GS, it will be an Iphone 3GS killer. Well, not really.

It was reported that the sales of the Palm Pre was only lukewarm in the UK and Ireland. I don't see why. Why would sometime take onboard a mobile device which does not have the capacity or functionality as good as the Iphone 3GS? It is not that I like the Iphone 3GS. It is just the fact. I have no preference towards the Iphone nor the Palm Pre. I just think that they are just two crippled mobile devices.

Money should have been spent on other more worth while mobile devices like the HTC instead.

We have another problem - O2 is charging a lot more for the Palm Pre, not mentioning the Iphone 3GS. Why bother about O2 when you can get it on Vodafone, Tesco and Orange? Take a pick!

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