Sunday, 10 January 2010

Nokia OVI Suite

If you own a Nokia phone, you would most probable be synchronising your mobile device with your pc/laptop. Nokia has just released their Ovi Suite version which should have solved many bugs but it does not. I have no idea of what Nokia is trying to persuade customers to move over from Nokia PC Suite to Nokia Ovi Suite. Take a look here as to how Nokia is trying to persuade customers to move over to theri Ovi Suite but it is not going to happen soon! Fair enough as the Ovi Suite has better UI but I think most people including myself will prefer the old Nokia PC Suite. An avid Nokia user has come up with his ten reasons  of not using the Nokia Ovi Suite. There are bugs within the Ovi Suite. Do you know why?

The answer is quite simple. First of all, you can sync anything you want between your Nokia device and your pc/laptop. There is no limitations in doing so on the Nokia PC Suite. However, if you are thinking of using Nokia's Ovi Suite, you might find out that you have text messages, mp3s and pictures missing as a result of syncing with Nokia's Ovi Suite. Worst of all, I do find that I will no longer be able to sync my PIM for more than 4 weeks! I want to sync things for more than 4 weeks!!! On the Nokia PC Suite, you can sync your stuff for up to 99 years past and future!

Nokia has indeed produced a crippled software. Stay away from Nokia Ovi Suite for the moment guys...Stick with Nokia PC Suite instead.

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