Monday, 4 January 2010

T- Mobile UK Customer Service

I did mention about my problems with T- Mobile over a month ago. Until now, I still have the same problem with them! It looks as if problems will never disappear before my very eyes. I think T- Mobile UK have some problems with their billing system. I am not sure whether there are any problems with their billing system or their entire system is up and ready for an overhaul!

Just imagine you are a T- Mobile UK customer and you have to endure problems like overcharging and wrong price plan the moment you have taken up the contract from T- Mobile UK! What would you think then? Do you think that T- Mobile should step up their customer service arrangements so that they will be able to provide a better customer service to their customers?

It is lucky that I've got my money back from T- Mobile UK after holding up on their queue system for 5 minutes. Good luck guys...

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