Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Nokia E72 Software Update

Finally!!! After waiting for months, Nokia has finally released their latest firmware for the mighty E72. The old firmware was 21.024. With the updated firmware which was released today via NSU, they have bump up the firmware update to 23.002!!! That is just fantastic! I don't think they ever bothered with version 22 at all!

I will have a look at the updated firmware though. I do really hope that with the latest update, Nokia would have solved the Mail for Exchange problem on the E72. I will keep you all posted...

Update (10 February 2010): After using it for a day, I have realised that the previous problem with Mail for Exchange has been eliminated! Well done Nokia! However, I am still not satisfied as the speed of the menu seems to have slowed down quite a bit as compared to version 21.024. Well, At least, I'm sure that Nokia has done a good job in solving the Mail for Exchange problem. It shows that Nokia is listening to its customers...Well, after three long months... Kudos to Nokia nontheless... Excellent! The second thing which I have realised after upgrading to version 23.002 is that I get no frequent crashes when I fire up Internet Explorer. Anyway, I'm using Opera Mini at this moment & there's nothing to worry about browser crashing.


adam said...

Internet Explorer?

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Internet Explorer?