Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nokia N900 - Features - Applications

When it comes to the many functions of a mobile phone, I would take the initiative to look into the applications that goes along with it. With the Nokia N900, it is no difference. Among so many mobile phones which I have used, this is the very first mobile phone which will allow me to run java script properly! I was so happy with it! I was having fun running facebook full screen and those games on facebook runs perfectly without much of a problem but it is a little bit slow when the machine is trying to render a flash script.

When it comes to using the included browser, I don't see any problems at all. I was quite surprised to see that I don't get bugs like 'illegal operation and the browser had to shutdown'. I am quite happy with it. If I could not use my fingers to execute any work, I would then use the included stylus pen to do it for me.

I have also tried the A-GPS which came along with it. I've managed to download the beta 3.04 Ovi maps and it worked perfectly without any problem. It is good! Other than that, one could actually install desktop widgets like weather forecast and it works brilliantly. However, you have to take note that it will have some impact on your battery. There are many chat programmes which comes with it or being integrated with the OS. You have skype build in so you do not need to download the application from the internet (very handy).

Apart from that, everything else works like a typical Nokia.

From Left to Right: HD2,N900,Iphone 3G,E72 & N95

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