Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nokia N900 - Evaluation

First Impression...
First and foremost, I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the Nokia N900. The build quality of the device is  way much better as compared to similar devices like the Nokia N95 , N95 8GB and N97 (including the mini). I found some difficulty in getting through the workings of the device, most probably due to the fact that I'm not used to the N900 Maemo 5 OS. I'm sure that Nokia will be able to improve on the user-friendliness of the OS.

Having said that, I'm quite impressed with the in build Maemo browser!!! It supports Adobe Flash 9.4 and it was certainly very useful when I used it to play around Facebook.

User friendliness
After trying for two weeks, I find it relatively easy to send a text message or chat with someone through its in-build IM applications like skype. However, getting my work e-mails setup was a nightmare. I have to say that Nokia still needs to work on their Microsoft Exchange!!! I just don't understand it as I've not been able to setup my work e-mails through Microsoft Exchange! I've tried to get through to Nokia but no one can help me with it. I think Nokia should work on this problem though. It is similar to the problem which I had when I have received my Nokia E72 as the Microsoft Exchange on the E72 was not allowing me to download the whole message. On the N900, the MfE does not allow me to even use the programme, let alone sending or receiving any work e-mails though!

In regards to the radio chip on the N900, I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with the radio chip. It supports quadband GSM and tri band UTMS. I'm sure that it is the standard on many of Nokia's high end phones these days and the N900 will be no difference. The device will allow users to select GSM, UTMS or auto mode. To save energy, I would always lock the phone to the GSM network. As a result of this, VOIP services like skype will suffer as it will be running on the 2.5G signal unless wi-fi is used.

I'm also loving the 5MP digital camera. I'm quite happy with the fact that Nokia has decided to install an active camera lens cover to protect the camera lens itself. Pretty good idea though. It is so much better as compared to my E72 as I have to be very careful when using the phone as I do not want the E72's camera lens to be scratched as there's no lens protector for it. Pictures taken were sharp and video quality was satisfactory. I have no problems or issues with it though. If I do, it will be easily done with adjustments using Photoshop.

As a matter of fact, I have no problems in using the device although many people will grumble that it is heavy. It is relatively lighter than the E90 which I've used before and the battery on the N900 lasted longer than the 1500mAh battery on the E90! The battery lasted 18 hours with continuous music on with one full charge. Pretty impressive, huh?

The screen is brilliant and if you have big fingers, the stylus pen will be useful to you. I have not run many applications on the N900 but I've used the Ovi maps. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the superb voice activated navigation software from Nokia.

Listening to the music was a breeze as the stereo speakers were really good but lacked bass. The treble is not comparable to a laptop speaker too. It is understandable as it is just a mobile phone and not a proper high end speaker. It is considered to be good as the music coming out from both the speakers are loud, so is the ringing tone.

In conclusion, I am very pleased with the device. The build quality of the device is unquestionable but unfortunately I only have two weeks to test the N900. However, the draw backs of the N900 are: (1) Setting up Microsoft Exchange and (2) Difficulty in understanding the Maemo 5 OS. It takes time to get used to the OS. Will I buy it if I'm given the choice to do so? Most probably I will because you can customised the OS, even much better than Windows Mobile. With Nokia, you will be assured of the flexibility especially using Nokia's PC Suite. I might not be able to part with my £400 for the device but with a reasonably priced contract and with the device offered free of charge, I may pick one up.

Picture taken using the N900 without any editing

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