Thursday, 18 February 2010

Nokia N900 - Introduction

I was so surprised to have been approached by Paul from WOMWorld/Nokia to review the latest Nokia N900 from Nokia. Since this is a thorough review of the product, I would like to stress out that I will be splitting the review into three parts, namely introduction, features and evaluation. Let's don't waste time and here is the beginning of my review of the phone.

It arrived inside a DHL envelope and I was rather amazed at the size of the box. I had the impression that the box could have been bigger since it is the latest N series phone from Nokia. I am saying this because I used to have a Nokia N95 and the upgraded version  - the Nokia N95 8GB. Both came with bigger box than the N900. I think it is good that Nokia is committed to be environmental friendly by using recycled materials.

The package came in a specially made black box. Before I opened the box, I was just wondering it will come with a complete set of accessories, just like in other N series mobile phones. Well, I was NOT disappointed. I found these in the box...

Basically, you will receive the Nokia N900 handset itself, a cleaning cloth, a premium stereo headphone with loads of extra ear buds just in case you lose them, a CA-101 type cable which is rather better than the short usb cable which I have received when I had the Nokia 5800 XM. Well done Nokia. I'm sure that people would be very happy with the longer usb cable.

Besides the cable and the stereo headset (which is similar to the stereo headset which I am using on my E72), you will also receive type B adaptor which is useful if you are using a conventional charger as the Nokia N900 uses a micro usb charger which shares the same pinhole for data transfer. You could simply recharge your N900 and conduct a data transfer between your N900 to your laptop/pc and vice-versa. The phone also comes with a stylus pen for your comfort. The charger which came with the N900 is the AC-10E which its output is 1200mAh!!! That is so much better than the regular AC-8X on the Nokia E72 as the one would be able to finish recharging the phone under two hours!!!

One good thing about having a N series mobile phone is that you will also get a tv out cable. I was quite disappointed with the fact that Nokia only supplied an instruction manual with the phone, unlike the Nokia 6700 Classic where consumers will get free 25 mp3 tracks from Nokia store. Having said that, the instruction manual does not contain sufficient information for a consumer but I think it is more like a hands on for many people where instruction manual is to be ignored - Just play with the phone and try an error...

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the box and accessories which came with the Nokia N900 handset. However, I would think that Nokia should have included a larger 1500mAh battery, just like the one which came with the E90, E71 and the E72. I am stressing out the fact that it is an N series mobile phone and it takes up a lot of juice, just like the N96 and N97 (including the N97 mini) which I have played before. A typical charge on the N96 and N97 would only last one day before the phone is hungry again. I have yet to see what the 1230mAh battery on the N900 can do. We have to take into account that the N900 is the very first mobile device from Nokia which runs on Maemo 5 OS (it will be very interesting to see what can it offer).

At this moment, I am still charging the device as it needs a good 8 hours charge for the very first time. Stay tune for updates...


Nitish Kumar said...

Really your article pointed that how much could be observed from little things. Simple yet effective.

There is always much more to say about creatively.

ぜるもう said...

Dear Nitish,

Many thanks!