Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Steve Jobs - You're Envy of Google

I was quite surprised to see that Steve Jobs had a hit on Google for being the next in thing to take on the Apple's Iphone. I am not surprised at all taking into account the Google G1 was a surprise by the giant company, then came the very latest Google Nexus. At least the latest incarnation from Google supports flash and the OS is an open source so there is not much of a problem for software developers to create a new application for the Android market.

As for Apple, the case is rather tricky. They will only allow software developers to post their offerings through iTunes and it means money for Apple. Without going through the iTunes, it will be quite hard for software developers to market their products unless the Iphones have been jailbraked. It is one place where Apple is making tons of money from (application softwares for the Iphone, Ipod and Ipad).

It is to my personal opinion that Steve Jobs is aware of the potential threat and I am sure that he will be thinking of a way to counter act the problem. It is so unfortunate that his latest offering - the Ipad, does not come up to people's expectation. I am not sure whether someone will buy the Ipad for such a high price even though it is not a netbook at all! Steve Jobs was wrong to compare the Ipad to a netbook as it does not have the same capabilities of a netbook. A simple job - support for multitasking and bluetooth the device to a laptop or a pc is not available! How could Steve Jobs say that the Ipad could be compared to a netbook? That is just not right.

Steve Jobs should not take grudge against Adobe for not coming out with flash support for the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod range. This is because Apple should work together with Adobe. I'm sure that a big company like Apple is snubbing Adobe because Apple has to pay loyalties to Adobe or Apple does not agree to the terms of Adobe. What a shame. HTML5 is still far away! Flash is still the normal mode of communication. No doubt that one needs to constantly update their Flash on their device, nevertheless, it is very convenient. I'm just so frustrated with Apple without any support for flash on their devices. 

In a nutshell, Apple is hard headed and they will fall if they don't compromise. Google's Nexus One is a good step ahead. Way to go Google!!! There's some sort of competition between Google and Apple and that is the spirit! 

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