Monday, 22 February 2010

T-Mobile Customer Service

I have to say that I have not been able to be objective when I talk about the level of customer service being brought to my attention from T-Mobile. This is because I had a contract with T-Mobile UK and I will never ever use their service again! I'll tell you why.

Two months ago, I was attracted to their SIM only deal for allowing customers to make 200 minutes of international calls, 600 minutes of UK calls, unlimited text messages and unlimited mobile internet for a mere £20. It was too good to be true until I have received my first month bill for £85. I did not make any calls above the allocated 200 minutes to international numbers and not even above the 600 minutes to UK numbers. After calling them for more than a month, they have finally sorted out my bill and I was given a refund of £35.

The second bill was even worst. I was slapped with a £260 bill. That bill was my last bill from T-Mobile UK. I've then made several calls to T-Mobile and I was promised someone will look into it and will come back to me. Unfortunately, no one came back to me.

After the second week, I made a call to them again, seeking clarification on my final bill. In the end, I was only asked to pay £45! Just imagine the whole whack of £260 if I have not call them! Worst of all, they will not provide customers with a detail bill. They will always send a summrised bill to customers. It's just someting which they will need to look into. I do believe that they should send, by default, a detailed bill to every customer!

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