Monday, 22 February 2010

Nokia N900 - Features - CPU - Screen - Battery

The Nokia N900 is a beast! There's no question about it. Basically, I have introduced the phone to you all but it is time to provide more information to you guys! In doing so, let's start by giving you the specifications of the phone.

N900 CPU
The unit which I have received had a firmware version 3.2010.02-8 on it. It is the latest firmware by the Finnish company for the N900 at the time of writing this article. The N900 is powered by the same ARM Cortex A8 cpu which is featured on many other mobile devices, namely the Sony Ericsson Satio and the Apple Iphone 3GS. The list of specifications of the N900 could be found here. However, it is important to write about the many functions of the phone.

3.5" Touchscreen/ Keyboard
Let's start with the display of the N900. The screen is beautiful! I do love the 3.5" vibrant colour screen which is capable of supporting 16 million colours. Couple with the fact that it is a touchscreen supporting 800x480 resolution, it is responsive to your delicate fingers. However, I will not recommend people to use their finger nails as the sensor will not be able to pick up the execution as good as your finger. If you want to use your finger nail, it will be best to use the stylus pen which comes with the phone. The N900 reminds me very much of the 5800XM as it also comes with a stylus pen. The difference is that the N900 has good response to your finger nail and also a stylus pen! That is just something different, am I right?

Take a look at the Apple Iphone 3GS and the HTC HD2. Both of them does not come with a stylus pen. When I've tried using a stylus pen on the Iphone 3GS, it does not perform as good as your average finger nail. The same goes to the HTC HD2! I have to give a good thumbs up for Nokia on this.

The screen itself is legible under direct sunlight! I'm not sure whether it will appeal to everyone but I could read what's on the screen perfectly under direct sunlight. Moreover, together with the sliding keyboard, it is a very good combination. This is true because the keys are solid, same goes to the phone itself! What a good combination! However, I would have to stress out that the keys are relatively closed to each other and so it might be a little bit difficult for people with big fingers to press. Other than that, I do not have any problems with the keyboard. I do like the keyboard as you will be able to see the keys under dark conditions, a typical Nokia which is good, don't you think so? Nokia is always user friendly, am I right or wrong? It is so different from the 5800 XM as I could not really see properly under direct sunlight. Well, Nokia certainly is listening to its feedback.

Update: The screen is always brilliant but it is a nighmare for finger prints. However, it is not a problem as you can always remove those prints by using a smooth cloth or even your smooth shirt.

1320mAh Battery
The picture shows you what you would expect when the back cover of the N900 is being removed. You will find the 1320mAh battery which powers the unit. The same battery also powered the 5800 XM. The back cover of the N900 sports a camera lens cover! This is just fantastic, don't you think so? The thing which surrounds is actually a kickstand which will allow you to watch movies or videos without the need to hold on to the unit. I did watch some video clips on youtube and I would have to say that the kickstand works well.

A fully charged battery could last me a good two days! I have to say that I'm alright with it as I don't use it as much as I could on my E72 though. This is because the Maemo 5 OS is still relatively new to the world and there are not many applications written for it. However, I will be giving a review of the OS separately. There was a day where I have to recharge the phone after 30 minutes of calls through the inbuild skype, one hour's worth of voice calls to my friend in the country, mobile internet usage for roughly one hour through wi-fi and listening to some video clips on youtube for almost one hour. Not bad for a 1320mAh capacity battery from Nokia! 


yellowchilli said...

since you asked 'am i right?', i'm going to have to point out that you are wrong :)

the Rover has a resistive touchscreen and responds just as well to fingernails as it does skin. though I do note that it was created to be finger-pad friendly. accuracy loosely depends on the amount of pressure applied.
personally, i think fingernails will allow a more accurate contact especially with the smaller buttons.

otherwise a nice informative article. keep it up.

drop by if you have the time. i'll also be doing a n900 write up soon.

ぜるもう said...

Many thanks for your input. I went on a hunt for the idea of whether the Nokia N900 screen is a resistive or a capacitive since no one in Nokia could give me a definate answer before I wrote the article. I have decided that it is a capacitive as the screen was responsive to finger nails. However, it would most fefinately be a resistive screen. The logic behind is that Nokia has provided us with a stylus pen. If the screen is a capacitive, you don't need a stylus pen.

Anyway, I have corrected my post. Many thanks and I will be delivering more articles in the future!